Pastry Sweets - Bakers - Confectionery Workshop - Volos

We have a full range of traditional pastry sweets ( dessert syrups )Baklava, made with care and always watching every detail with the use of a pure bumper. We also have a great variety of pastries that follow the latest trends, always made with the same care and following all hygiene and safety rules.


Genuine traditional baklava with Greek walnut and goat butter, rich in flavors and flavor.

Bin: 24 pcs


Genuine traditional kataifi with Greek nut and goat butter, rich in aromas and flavor.

pan: 16 pcs


Lemon pie

Delicious lemon pie with fresh and pure ingredients.

pan: 12 pcs

Orange pie

Delicious orange pie with fresh and pure ingredients.

pan: 12 pcs

Pecan pie

Traditional Pecan pie made of pure materials.

pan: 12 pcs

Chocolate pie

Wonderful chocolate pie made of pure ingredients and chocolate-flavored

pan: 12 pcs

Apple pie

Delicious apple pie made with fresh apples of Pelion.

taffeta: 12 pcs


Tasty revani with Indian coconut added for even more rich flavor.

12 pcs